Enhanced Telescopic Ladder Type C

The most popular telescopic ladder is now with additional features making it even more versatile and safer than ever!

Highlights of the enhanced telescopic ladder type C:

  • Better grade of aluminium alloy – stronger and more rugged.
  • Metal spreader – safer and more stable.
  • Wider step width – feeling comfortable even if you are standing on the ladder barefooted.
  • Buckle fastening – more secure than ‘hook and loop’ (a.k.a Velcro).
  • Improved rubber sole – wider contact and more durable



Models available:

  • 2.0m + 2.6m (7 steps + 9 steps)
    • height when fully retracted approx. 77cm
    • weight approx. 14.2Kg
  • 2.6m + 3.2m (9 steps + 11 steps)
    • height when fully retracted approx. 81cm
    • weight approx. 18.5Kg
  • 3.2m + 3.8m (11 steps + 13 steps)
    • height when fully retracted approx. 84cm
    • weight approx. 24.9Kg

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