Telescopic Ladder Type B

Telescopic Ladder in Car Boot     Telescopic Ladder Type B in Storeroom      Telescopic Ladder at Staircase

Can your 5 steps ladder kept inside your car boot? Can you use your ladder with both end at different height level e.g. staircase? Find it troublesome to bring out and keep your conventional ladder in your storeroom? Need to get a lorry just because your ladder cannot fit into your van or car boot? Require 2 workers just to carry your 12 steps ladder? Difficult to move and place your ladder from point to point because of height limitation or obstructions like air-con ducts? Waste money and space for keeping 2 or more ladders with different heights which required by different tasks?

Telescopic Ladder Type B

Search no more, your nightmare is over! All these problems can be easily solved by our aluminium telescopic ladder!


Highlights of our aluminium telescopic ladder Type B:

  • EN131 certified
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • maximum loading <150Kg
  • safer with anti-slip rubber sole
  • flexible height

Models available:

  • 2.0m + 2.0m (7 steps + 7 steps)
    • height when fully retracted approx. 69cm
    • weight approx. 9.8Kg
  • 3.8m + 3.8m (13 steps + 13 steps)
    • height when fully retracted approx. 88cm
    • weight approx. 21Kg

Check out also our telescopic ladder Type A and telescopic ladder Type C to find a ladder that is able to fulfil all your requirements. The telescopic ladder accessories can be found here.

Not sure what is the correct height of the ladder to choose? You can refer to the diagram below as a general guideline on how to select the appropriate ladder, which can meet your working height requirement.


  • User height is assumed to be 160cm
  • Top two rungs will not be used for safety reason
  • Use of this guide is strictly for reference only, actual measurements may differ from this