Telesteps Combination Ladder

Telesteps® – The only brand from Sweden that can claim to be the original because Telesteps® was the first to launch a product that changed the market overnight.

Combi ladder-2,3 m-closed with man      Combi ladder_2,3m_ with man 1.0       Combi ladder_2,3m_ as lean-to ladder_man      Work Tray bakgrund_bana

As the name suggests, Telesteps Combination Ladder can be used in more than one way. When both sides are opened out, it makes a stable free-standing stepladder. With a few simple movements it can then be turned into a leaning ladder to stand against a wall, for example. Extra wide 90 mm treads, small and compact with built-in handle. To push together a combination ladder, just push in the four red buttons on the second tread from the bottom and you can slide the whole ladder together.

Highlights of Telesteps Combination Ladder:

  • EN131 certified
  • automatic locking with clearly visible levers under each tread
  • unique strong aluminium alloy enhances safety
  • extra wide treads (90mm) for extra comfort
  • AUTOSTEPS™ close down – only press the red levers on the second bottom treads to collapse the ladder
  • easily portable, carry handle included

Models available:

Telesteps-Combination-Ladder-1_7m Telesteps-Combination-Ladder-2_3m Telesteps-Combination-Ladder-3_0m

  • Telesteps Combination Ladder 1.7m (60617)
    • number of steps – 4+2
    • step width – 90mm
    • maximum working height – 3.0m
    • height – 1.7m (extended), 67cm (closed)
    • width – 62cm
    • weight – 10.0Kg
    • Maximum load – 150Kg
  • Telesteps Combination Ladder 2.3m (60623)
    • number of steps – 6+2
    • step width – 90mm
    • maximum working height – 3.6m
    • height – 2.3m (extended), 71cm (closed)
    • width – 69cm
    • weight – 14.5Kg
    • Maximum load – 150Kg
  • Telesteps Combination Ladder 3.0m (60630)
    • number of steps – 8+2
    • step width – 90mm
    • maximum working height – 4.2m
    • height – 3.0m (extended), 78cm (closed)
    • width – 77cm
    • weight – 20.0Kg
    • Maximum load – 150Kg

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