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Our boltless rack are made of heavy duty industrial material that holds up to 400kg per shelf!

The holding capacity is more than enough for domestic usage. Rest assured that the rack will not collapse when you store your precious stuff onto the rack.

With our boltless rack, your things will be more organised and easier for you to locate your stuff whenever you need it. You can double up your storing space with our racks and it is probably the best investment you made to keep your office and home neatly.

Dimensions of boltless rack available:

Width – 90cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm

Depth – 30cm, 45cm, 60cm

Height – 180cm, 210cm, 240cm

All our boltless racks come with standard 4 tiers of fibreboards. Additional shelvings and upgrading to metal shelves are possible upon request.

Not sure what dimension of the boltless racks that will fit your storeroom? Give us the dimension XYZ as per the illustration below and we will recommend the best combination to you!


*Note: When taking measurement, please remember to measure from the floor (skirting) for more accurate measurement. Do let us know if there’s any obstruction in the way, such as DB box, trunking, switch and etc.