Telescopic ladder? What’s that?

So, what is telescopic ladder? I only know what’s telescope!!!

Well, they are different objects for different purposes but the working principle of telescopic ladder is similar to operating a telescope: just imaging 2 huge telescopes connected to each other by rungs. The retraction and extension of the telescopic ladder is exactly the same as zooming in/out a telescope, but in a bigger scale.



Why telescopic ladder?

Telescopic ladder is light in weight compared to the conventional ladder for the same height capability. It is made up of aluminium alloy which contributes to the lightweight without compromising in strength. Our telescopic ladder is EN131 certified and can withstand maximum load of 150Kg.

When not in use, the size of the telescopic ladder is  so small where you can just keep it in any corner of your store room, on the rack or even in your car boot! Unlike the conventional ladder with fixed height, telescopic ladder gives you the flexibility to adjust to different height for different job requirement. You will not need a truck or lorry to transport this ladder, should you need to perform some one off works at workplace or lend it to your relative or friends.

All our telescopic ladder Type A, Type B and Type C has the following features in common:

  • EN131 certified
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • maximum loading <150Kg
  • able to work on uneven surface e.g. staircase
  • safer with anti-slip rubber cap

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, our Type A telescopic ladder allows you to have the flexibility to double the ladder height when needed by open it up. This is especially convenience and handy for our friends staying in bungalow who need to access to rooftop occasionally or SOHO apartment with high ceiling.

To further enhance the safety when using the ladder, our Type C telescopic ladder equipped with 2 additional rungs on the top and serves as handle for the user to hold and acts as additional support when working at height.

Where can I use telescopic ladder?Type A at Staircase

Any where you can think of, be it at home, office, work site, flat ground or even uneven surfaces!! For example, you can use it to fix the lamp located right on the top of middle of the staircase where using a conventional ladder is almost impossible or dangerous. This is achievable because the height of each side of the telescopic ladder can be set independently.

Who should use this product?

This product is suitable for both domestic as well as industrial usage.

20140909_163358_Richtone(HDR)For home owner, it will not take up too much of your precious space and yet it will help you to perform the job when necessary, such as replacing ceiling light, hanging wall painting, checking mozzie in roof top drainage or cleaning your ceiling fan. It is lightweight and small which allows you to move around without worry of bumping into anything at height.

Type A in Car BootFor industrial user, it will help even more especially to those who need to bring along the ladder from one site to another frequently, for example, users who involve in construction works, renovation projects and electrical installations.  Truck is no longer needed for transporting tall ladder because our telescopic ladder can fit into almost any sedan car boot when retracted. You can even carry it around with your scooter though traffic police will disagree for safety concern.